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Grace and the Burpee

I was just wiped. We all have those days. Where the work seems unending, you feel like you’re moving at a million miles a minute and before you know it, the day is over. This was one of those days. I don’t even remember all that I accomplished, but I remember feeling like as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning, I hit the ground running.

Of course these are the days when Grace decides to not nap, or have a tough day because things aren’t going the way she thinks they should be going, and it just culminates into a rough afternoon. I know you feel that sometimes mamas. Like everything is piling up, there’s no break, and you’re literally counting down the minutes until bedtime because holy moly, you’re just EXHAUSTED. I felt like I had blurry tunnel vision.

Finally the day was winding down. For us, that means a little downtime at the end of the day for Grace where she can watch a TV show before she gets ready for bed. Usually it’s Mickey. That’s the golden ticket right now. I could sing you the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song along with hand gestures and dancing, but alas, I digress…

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse also means snuggle time. Honestly it’s one of my favorite parts of my day. Because I don’t have a kid who normally snuggles, she’s just too busy playing. I get it, that’s the season we’re in right now. Her business is playing, that’s how she’s figuring out her life.

So I take advantage of snuggle time when we watch Mickey. We get a blankie, she normally has a puppy on her lap and we talk about Mickey as we watch it. Side note, I don’t want this to change as she gets older, I just want it to be us commenting on a more adult television show.

Here I am getting the blankie of her choosing, making sure we’re ready to snuggle, I call Grace over, she walks to the couch and says “Hold on Mommy, I have to workout”. She then proceeds to do a SINGLE BURPEE and then sits down. I mean she went for it. Full burpee with the push up from her toes and then just sat down. Like ok workout done, I’m ready for my Mickey. Frankly I was so astonished and impressed by her form, I asked “Grace can you do that again so Mommy can take a video?” and in true Gracie fashion she tells me “No Mommy, my workout is done.”

I can’t even be mad about it. She listened to her body, did what her body needed and now is getting some well deserved snuggle time before ending her day. 

Grace post burpee looked way more composed than I ever could post burpee.

Grace post burpee looked way more composed than I ever could post burpee.