Check out what Donna has to say about coaching with A Healthful Life:

When my daughter told me about A Healthful Life, I must admit I was a little skeptical. But the benefits I have experienced throughout a 3-month process has been life changing. Below is my testimonial for others to hopefully see that persistence and patience pays off. 

Flashback: In 1993, I was a fearless 5’ 2”, 117 lb, 32-year-old mother of 3, that lived (for the most part) a healthy lifestyle. I grew up in a sub-rural area and lived an active childhood and adulthood who enjoyed biking, hiking, camping, water-skiing, and competition dancing. 

By age 34, I had 2 back surgeries. Although successful, it did limit things I could do. Primarily, lifting, standing / walking too long. Anytime we would go for long walks or hikes, I was always the one that said, I think it’s time to turn back. As time went on, I put on a few pounds. 

Fast forward a few years, to 2012. I began to have knee pain but refused to see a doctor about it until it really affected my daily routine such as going upstairs, swatting, gardening, and going on hikes limited even more so yep, you guessed it, more weight gain. In 2017, I torn my rotator cuff and “had” to see a doctor, so I mentioned my knee problem as well. Shoulder surgery & knee procedures were in order. After a long recovery period, shoulder was better and knees, were just OK. Still could only walk so long before asking to turn around. 

In 2018, I started to have foot problems, plantar fascia. It became so bad that I could not walk flat footed (literally walking on my tippy toes to get around).  WHAT THE HECK!!! Somethings gotta give, I am still too young for this type of lifestyle. 

This is when I was introduced to Lisa and decided to try her program A Healthful Life.

From day One, Lisa and I spoke in detail about my fears, frustrations & stumbling blocks. Together, we created a program focusing on my physical limitations, while still focusing on the big picture. Unlike other programs that have their goals in mind, A Healthful Life structured a plan that would work around my schedule, my obstacles, slowly creating a plan that would enable me to reach my ultimate goal. One of my biggest goals was to be able to finish a hike without asking to turn back because of pain. 

Lisa’s expertise in mental and physical health gave me the motivation and tools to get started. Her first goal for me was to get my foot pain under control and work on stretches to get my muscles ready for workouts. She motivated me to work on my diet, sending me some of her own awesome recipes to try, along with weekly YouTube exercises that were created for anyone at my exercise level. I love the Youtube exercises, because I can do them in the comfort of my home, at my speed, and as often as I want. 

Our weekly, one on one coaching phone calls were amazing. This allowed us to talk about first and foremost, what I was grateful for, then on to how the week went, how the exercises worked for me. If I had issues with the difficulty level of that week’s work out, Lisa would simply give me suggestions on how to do the same exercise a bit easier to allow those muscles to develop and strengthen. Her goal was to never discourage me with an exercise, but rather to build me up to the higher level of strengthening.

So here I am, ready to kick off a New Year! Thanks to Lisa and A Healthful Life, I do not have foot pain. I am motivated to start each day with simple stretches (which keeps knee pain at a minimum) and I can do several exercises without pain. Although I have only lost 5 lbs. to date, I feel better than I have in a long time and will continue with my routine and work towards my weight goals too. To me, A Healthful Life is a lifestyle change, not just a 3-month program. 

Below is a picture of me, on a hike and walk Dec 30 & 31. and guess what….I didn’t have to ask to turn around!!  

See how coaching gave Casi the tools to incorporate meal prepping into her hectic schedule:

I am so grateful to have spent the last several weeks working with Lisa. I started this journey wanting to find some balance in my everyday life. I was training for a Spartan race in Greece and was feeling overwhelmed with the idea of traveling such a huge distance and not knowing what to expect on the course. I had some very strong weeks and some very challenging weeks. Lisa is amazing especially on the challenging weeks. It is so easy to be hard on yourself after a little failure. Lisa was able to find the positive even when I felt defeated and disappointed in myself. This program, for me, wasn't about being perfect, it's ok to have failure and disappointment. This program was about accepting that life is going to be challenging and it gave me tools to deal with those challenges but more then that it gave me support when the challenges got the better of me. Reminding me that it's ok to be upset but don't let it take over and undo all of my hard work. Lisa is so understanding of what real people face in everyday life and knows how to encourage them to push through and to have a healthy lifestyle even if it's one small thing at a time. I made it to Greece, the race was amazing and now I have so many wonderful memories from it. But more importantly I am so thrilled that in the 4 weeks post race I have been meal prepped consistently. The meal prepping has been a huge tool for me. It sets me up to have a good week knowing that I will hit a few bumps but overall I am on a good path. Having this tool leading up to the holidays is wonderful. With all the craziness of the holidays at least I have my meals planned out and ready for me. Thank you Lisa for all of your help leading up and post race. You have made a huge difference in my life and helping me towards a healthy lifestyle. 


Injuries aren’t an excuse to having a healthy and balanced life! Check out Heather’s journey:

Tony Horton- P90X, Jamie Eason- Live Fit, Julian Michaels- Body Revolution and of course, Billy Blanks- Tae Bo. I love these 90 day fitness challenges. When A Healthful Life was presented to me I was totally onboard. In December of 2016 I had emergency surgery resulting in minor complications that took all of 2017 to recover from. Pre surgery you’d find me in the gym 2+ hours at a time. Post-surgery I couldn’t even lift my laundry basket. 2018 was my year to get back on track. I was 100% on board and ready to get started ASAP.

The week before starting A Healthful Life I injured my foot and hand… on opposite sides of my body, naturally. First week of workouts was challenging and painful. It’s amazing how much pain a finger and toe can cause, so I had to tell Lisa. I felt horrible. One week into it and I already failed my coach. This is where that saying “Everything happens for a reason” started to settle its roots into my program with A Healthful Life unbeknownst to me.

“No worries homie, You Got This!”, my coach and I were in sync again. Lisa modified my workouts and also provided helpful tips for possible pain and inflammation. Week two we started fresh with modifications. Week three was OK. Week four I hit a wall and my frustrations started to grow. Lisa was able to see my problem wasn’t in the workouts but rather a mental block I was carrying. I had a strong endurance and my nutrition was on point. None of this mattered with the mental block I was subconsciously carrying.

Starting week five Lisa introduced some ideas outside of my workout to check out and try. She didn’t point out what she noticed going on. Lisa simply listened, paid attention when I spoke and guided me to self-realization. I would have never achieved this anywhere else. By week seven I learned the importance of maintaining personal mental health along with physical and nutritional for the first time ever. It was like seeing the ocean on a clear blue day, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin and subtle taste of salt on your lips. A + B + C= A Health LIFE. Mental awareness + Physical strength + Nutritional value= A Healthful Life. Once that realization came to fruition, it was go time. The last several weeks of the program were life changing.

I’m not going to share the tips and tricks A Healthful Life gave me to help me through my mental block so I could get back on track. That’s the beauty of it. They were mine! Customized accountability to help me where I was falling short in achieving my goals. Everyone’s “tips and tricks” will be different than mine. The best part is, 90 days is over and my growth is still going.

A Healthful Life wasn’t a 90 day workout “challenge”. There wasn’t a DVD that ends on day 90 leaving me thinking, “now what”? With Lisa I could ask questions. I got advice. I gained knowledge I didn’t even know I needed because I had a live coach who helped keep myself accountable. It was never about disappointing my coach… It was about disappointing myself. A Healthful Life gave me the mental strength my workout was lacking. That’s priceless. In a couple months, when I’m ready to continue my growth, Lisa will be there to help customize the next steps in continuing to achieve my mental, physical and nutritional Best Self to date. Tony, Jamie, Julian and Billy never gave me that. I’m considering asking them for a refund…