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No Time to Cook? My Top 5 Meal Planning Hacks

No Time to Cook? My Top 5 Meal Planning Hacks

You have to plan it into your life. There’s no easy way around it. If being healthy matters to you, if you’re over the muffin top, if you’re over living in a haze of life, you have to put in the effort. 

My Go To Dinner Recipes When I’m Exhausted and Don’t Feel Like Cooking

Every single parent out there can relate to this one. I know it. It doesn’t matter if you work or if you’re a stay at home parent, there are days that just fucking own you. You’re like counting down the hours until you can lay down because you miss your bed so much and the day has just been all the things. Whatever those things are right? Chaotic, frustrating, busy, it doesn’t even matter. We’ve all been there. 

Those are the days when the prospect of cooking is daunting af. Like what fast food place can I drive through the fastest, that’s the most efficient right now? Because cooking is testing my bandwidth for life. 

Don’t get me wrong, we’re all entitled to those breaks from cooking. But the thing with having a healthy lifestyle, getting back to the point where you’re not frustrated with your weight and where you feel like you have balance means that going through the drive thru at the fast food place can’t be your go to anymore. 

I’m not sorry to say that and I know it pisses some of you off. But if you want to see change, you have to be making choices that are in accordance with said change. And I know YOU know the fast food option isn’t in accordance with the change you want to see. 

It’s these days when it’s imperative for you to fall back on those tools in your toolbox that will help support the change you’re trying to make. Fall back on those tools, take the stress out of it, take the thinking out of it and know that you’re still making a good choice for yourself. 

That’s why I’m putting all these downloadable things together for you. So on the days when the overwhelm feels like it’s going to take over your soul, you can fall back on these tools and know that you’re not losing any of your progress. It’s one less thing to think about, it’s one less thing to worry about and hopefully it gives you a little space in your day for you to take care of yourself. 


Want to Lose Fat? My Top 4 One Pan Meals to Get You There Faster

Losing weight can be one of the hardest things we ever have to do. Not just because we want that instant gratification of the weight coming off easily and quickly, which I can appreciate but also because most of us don’t have a shit ton of time to dedicate TO our weight loss. 

Here’s the thing: the weight didn’t come on overnight so it’s not going anywhere overnight. Especially not if you’re wanting to maintain the weight loss and if you’re looking to lose the weight in a healthy manner. That alone is freaking frustrating af. Because you’re over it. You’re over your clothes feeling uncomfortable, you’re over not wanting to be in the family picture because you don’t like how you look and dang girl, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone tell you that your ass looks good in those yoga pants?

There are SO many factors that go into weight loss. I won’t get into all of them here, but please know that it really is an individual journey. And that individual journey can definitely have some peaks and valleys, so when you get to the point where you want to lose weight and cut the fat off your body (with your own knife if you could) know that you’re also embarking on a journey of patience and self love. 

Here’s the other thing: if you’re an adult with adult responsibilities, you probably don’t have a ton of time to be dedicating to your workouts everyday, meal planning might go to shit sometimes and really life is going to get in the way. 

Discouraging huh?

It doesn’t have to be. I think it means being a little more diligent towards the choices you’re making that will set you up for success. Like knowing what’s for dinner, having snacks prepped, knowing when you’re going to work out and what that workout will be (and maybe having a back up plan just in case). If you want to have a healthy lifestyle you can’t just WILL it into place, you have to put it in place. But once you get those habits under control, I think you’ll be shocked with how easy it is to actually maintain it. 

So start with dinner planning. Grab the downloadable and have that be a few of your dinner options during the week. Then decide if you want to prep everything over the weekend or if you’re good waiting until the day of to go to the store and get everything you need. 

Just like that you’re one step closer towards living a healthier life, one step closer to making yourself a priority and one step closer to losing the weight you’ve been wanting to lose.