She Has NO Filter

I always appreciated the honesty of little kids. It was entertaining to me to hear the things come out of their mouths, mostly at the anguish of their parents, because there was no regard for this social construct of appropriate things to share with the world. For a kid, everything gets shared.

This was all fun and games for me until I had a kid, who like all little kids totally lacked a filter. I mean EVERYTHING gets shared with EVERYONE...even strangers.

We've lived in our house for a few years now and every year we've battled with ants to one degree or another. For the most part, we've been able to address the problem swiftly and without a TON of intervention which has been awesome. Until this year when the ants decided to battle us with a vengeance.

Long story short, after a swift battle that I thought we won, I came downstairs one morning to find a trail of ants tracking almost the length of our house. Remember that song about the ants marching one by one? This was like 50 by 50. Ew. Just EW.

My observant child of course had running commentary about said ants while I spent the better part of the morning killing, cleaning, disinfecting, bug spraying, the list goes on, to our house and I had the running commentary back about how "Mommy does NOT do ants in the house, under any circumstance EVER."

What I didn't anticipate while my Mini Me was tagging along to Home Depot for ant killing stuff and through the house as Mommy cleaned was that every person, for the next week, regardless of where we went, learned about our ant problem. It did not matter if it was her teacher at school, one of my clients we ran into at the store, her dance teacher, or a stranger at the grocery store, everyone learned that we had an ant problem. Luckily for me, everyone also learned that "Mommy does NOT like ants in our house and she killed ALL OF THEM."

At least she was paying attention. At least she knows. And at least now I know that I have to explain what situations are OK to talk about outside the house and what situations need to stay inside the house.