Her Magic Wand is Broken

What a tragedy right? So is the fact that my kid is totally NOT napping when she should be as I write this blog. Ugh, this phase of transitioning out of naps has totally NOT been our golden moment because she so desperately still needs to sleep and just won’t, there’s just too much going on inside that brain of hers to let her rest. But that’s another story for another time.

This one is about my kid and her magic wand. Which actually is appropriate for her not napping because it has me reflecting on how much really things have changed since I became a Mommy. We went from her wake up being at 4:30a everyday (yes I’m serious, I thought I was going to die from exhaustion) and her first nap being in the stroller during Sully’s walk, to her having only one nap a day and walks consisting of a park trip to wear her out.

Now walks are just something she tolerates. Because it’s exercise for the puppies, she knows she has to stay in the stroller so I know it’s not the most exciting way for her to spend her time. But in reality life could be worse, so walking we go. Granted I do try to make it as fun as I can with running commentary about the trees, all the things I see, that sort of thing.

But we also are collectors of sticks on our walks. For some reason the trees around where we live give the BEST sticks in the whole world. The costume designers from Harry Potter literally could’ve used these sticks as wands in the movies, they’re that good.

Naturally the kiddo calls them her wands and regularly does magic spells while we’re walking. Because why not? It keeps her entertained and quite frankly watching her imagination go wild is also super entertaining for me.

So one morning we’re enjoying our walk and she’s super excited because Mommy found a particularly AMAZING stick, and she’s saying “magical wand, magical wand, turn me into a Princess.” She’s also turning the dogs into various creatures and the trees into other things, basically she’s having a ball and living her best life.

Then she turns to me and says “magical wand, magical wand, turn Mommy into a Princess” and I promptly remind her that Mommy is the Queen, not a princess and she says “oh yes Your Majesty” (did I mention my kid calls me Your Majesty? She came up with that one on her own and I’m not fighting it).

She looks at me again, takes up her wand and says “magical wand, magical wand, turn Mommy into a Queen” and then starts banging the wand on the side of the stroller and yelling “WHY AREN’T YOU WORKING WAND??”.

I had to stop walking I was laughing so hard. Her comedic timing is ON FIRE and the best part is that she doesn’t even realize that she’s being funny.

The Mulan Superhero Princess

The Mulan Superhero Princess

Daisy and the Kettlebell

Daisy came into our lives at a time when I really needed her. I knew she was mine as soon as I got out of the car and saw the litter. When I asked her if she wanted to come home with us, she barked at me and stood up. I’m not even kidding. Just like Sully, she has fit seamlessly into our lives. She is our protector puppy. I call her my Mommy Dog because she is always concerned about what everyone is doing and with keeping everyone safe. Especially Grace. That little Corgi has attached herself to my daughter like Grace is her puppy. Daisy goes with me to get Grace up in the morning, and will greet Grace before she bothers saying hi to anyone else in the family. While Grace isn’t always a fan of the attention, Daisy doesn’t care.

This was one of those days when I really needed to multi-task. After an amazing zoom call with my Mommy Millionaire training group, I knew I had to get Grace from school, get everyone organized and fed, somehow fit in a workout and then go back to work for the second half of my day. Some days it’s just that way, it’s like controlled chaos.

The easiest way to get a quick workout on these days is to do something in my room while Grace gets a bath. It’s the easiest way to multi-task by getting my workout accomplished and keep an eye on her in the tub. Problem solved right? Not so much when you have a puppy that has to always be in the mix. Because on these days the most efficient workout is typically a HIIT workout. Those high intensity interval workouts are a total killer and they’re fast. A 10-minute kettlebell workout is sure to leave you breathless and sore the next day.

So that was my plan. I grabbed my kettlebell, set up the bath and got to work. Alternating kettlebell swings and sumo high pulls while Grace was in the tub cheering me on (it’s always good to have a cheering section when the workout makes you want to quit about a minute in), and Sully was having a bone nearby.

I don’t know what happened with Daisy. Maybe she thought the kettlebell was a ball she could catch in her mouth, maybe she thought I was going to play with her using the kettlebell, maybe she just had some excess energy and needed her own workout. Regardless, every time I would go to swing the bell, Daisy would try to jump in the air. Obviously that’s not safe, so the workout turned into swings, high pulls, and puppy deference so I could keep her safe.

What a mess. But that’s how it goes some days with my circus! The absolute kicker was after I finished this kicker of a workout, Grace told me “Hold on Mommy, I can’t get out of the tub yet, I have to work out.” She proceeded to lift one arm above her head, lower it down and then told me “Ok Mommy, I’m done, I can go nap now.” And nap she did (and Daisy did too).

Sprinting with Sully

I’m a huge fan of Corgis in case you weren’t aware. HUGE. I never had a dog growing up we actually had pet rabbits (who were awesome) but never dogs. So when John and I got a house with a backyard, we knew we would be getting a dog. It was something we talked about for years prior to that, and we did all kinds of research for what kind of dog to get as well as where to get them.

We got Sully first a little over six years ago. I picked him out because when we went to check out the litter, Sully was the biggest puppy of the litter and was laying in the back of the pen with all of his limbs splayed out and chin resting on the ground, looking at his litter mates (who were running around like crazy) like they were wasting their breath. I knew right then, that this fat little potato of a puppy was MY puppy. Ever since he’s been my puppy (sorry John but you know I’m right). He’s been my constant companion through all the chaos of our lives, and was the only one in the room with me when I was in labor prior to going to the hospital.

He has survived all kinds of crazy things including dry pneumonia as well as a major dog attack, and through all of it, he has stayed the sweetest, most loving and devoted dog. He has fit seamlessly into our lives, loves hiking and the beach, loves making friends and has always been gentle with our daughter.

One thing Sully is not into though is going for walks. I know right? It’s just not his thing. He used to be all about the walks, and even sometimes the occasional run. But as he’s gotten older, he’s really come to embrace his laziness and it’s a true fight to get his fluffy booty off the couch and leashed up to go for a walk. He’s the kind of what we call the reverse pull. When he doesn’t want to do something on a walk, he literally stops and starts walking in reverse.

This is the new standard I’m getting used to with Sully. Walks are really an opportunity for him to stop and smell the flowers. I’m serious he loves the smell of flowers. So this particular day, I truly don’t know what happened or what got into him. I came home from work prepped for a leisurely walk through the neighborhood, but apparently Sully’s 4 morning naps were extremely refreshing because as soon as he got out of the garage, he started running.

I’m not talking like a nice little jog I’m talking like a flat out sprint, like zombies were chasing him. But I don’t think Sully anticipated that running is something that requires training. Needless to say, my handsome puppy got winded. Fast. I don’t know what it was though, the feeling of puppy energy again, the wind in his fur, the ground beneath his paws, but he kept going.

So our normally leisurely walk to look at flowers turned into sprint work. Running for around a minute and then walking for around a minute for the whole entire walk. Sully came home exhausted and extremely proud of himself, and I came home totally wiped by an unexpected workout.

Rest assured, this was never repeated again.

I love him but he won’t pose for the camera unless I’m making him!

I love him but he won’t pose for the camera unless I’m making him!