My Kid is a Back Seat Driver

Apologies to anyone who lives near us. I’m serious. I shouldn’t be surprised that this is even happening. My kid is the WORST back seat driver, and while I love my husband, she completely gets it from him.

At first I didn’t believe it. My parents were watching her while I worked one morning and while she gave them a tour of our little town, she apparently also yelled (from her car seat) at a person using the cross walk because they weren’t crossing quickly enough. For her liking at least. Which is when I really wish I had that emoji in this blog of a girl hitting herself in the face. Because that’s what I feel like.

But that incident was months ago so I thought it was a fluke thing, this wasn’t regular behavior and I had nothing to worry about.

Until today. When I was stopped at a red light that was apparently not changing fast enough and Grace (again from the car seat) started yelling that she didn't like red lights and green lights meant go, so she needed a green light NOW. NOW. NOW.

You know those moments as a parent when you’re thinking well I really need to handle this but she can’t see me laugh because it’s going to positively reinforce the negative behavior? That’s how I felt. That’s exactly how I felt.

Sometimes it would be so much easier to be a stern parent if she wasn’t so funny all the time.