Where Does the Time Go?

My brother once told me that when you’re a parent, the days seem long but the years go by quickly. He couldn’t have been more right and it’s honestly something I remind myself of when the days seem REALLY LONG. Because we all have those days.

It feels like three years old has been one of those long days. I thought the two year old stage was hard…and then we hit the threenager phase and I got my butt totally handed to me. As hard as it’s been, I constantly remind myself of how blessed we are that everyone is thriving and healthy, and that our problems are typical problems to have.

So bring on year four. We’re ready for it.

The little one had her birthday recently and let me tell you, she had an amazing birthday. I mean you only turn four once right? There were balloons and cupcakes and DISNEYLAND. It was epic. Every kid should be so blessed.

The celebration continued for a whole week until her actual birthday when she got presents and all kinds of spoiled. Here I am thinking that finally we’re good, birthday is done, celebration is had, and I’m TIRED. All is good. I have a happy kiddo, I’m happy because she’s happy and because everyone got a nap.

But alas…when she woke up the next morning, I was informed that it was still her birthday and will be her birthday every single day until she turns 6. When I asked her why the cut off was at 6, she told me that 6 years old is when she becomes a big kid. I’m not quite sure how that all ties together, but for her it does so I guess I’m singing the Happy Birthday song everyday until she turns 6.