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Your World Totally Changed, Now What?

Before I became a Mom, I always tried to be that friend who was super understanding to the people around me with kids. I obviously knew on some level that kids took over every single aspect of your life, that more often than not their needs surpassed your own, and I tried really hard to be cognizant of that, but I felt like this whole idea of a “Mom Club” was stupid.

Why should there be any difference between them and me? Just because they had kids already and I didn’t have a family yet. I was obviously understanding to their needs as well as to what their kids needed. I knew my life would change when I had kids, I would talk about the need to be flexible all the time, the unknown of what my life would become all the time.

Holy shit girl was I totally off. Like beyond completely and totally just freaking wrong on every single level.

I didn’t understand my wrongness until I had Grace and all of a sudden it was like ya no wonder no one told me anything because there is literally NO way anyone could understand this level of change unless they went through it themselves. I think that’s why moms with screaming kids at Target give the silent nod of solidarity. Because we get it and we don’t truly have the words to describe it to anyone else.

And girl I would get SO frustrated in the beginning. I would want my day to go a certain way and then it wouldn’t happen for whatever reason, and it would drive me crazy. All that flexibility I talked about before that I knew I needed to have was non-existent. It always seemed to happen in relation to my workouts, that I would want to do a certain workout and for whatever reason, it would never happen. And the reasons my friend, were plentiful, most of which I don’t remember now.

I wish I could say that I found a solution overnight and everything was totally ok. That wasn’t the case for me. I spent a long time being frustrated, a lot of days not getting the workout in that I wanted, and a lot of days wondering when things would go back to “normal”.

So I embarked on this journey of trial and error. I needed to figure out what would work and I wanted to have a plan because that’s just in my nature. I tried to workout when Grace was awake (you can read previous blog posts to see how that went), I tried to go to gyms that had daycare, I tried to workout after Grace went to bed or when she was napping. The one thing I learned almost immediately was that every single day was going to be different.

After a ton of trial and error, I learned that my plans needed plans. Seriously though. Oh and I needed to HAVE a plan because trying to wing my workouts wasn’t working with the kind of sleep deprivation every new mom operates under.

Eventually I found that what worked for me was having a contingency plan. Like the plan of the workout I would ideally want to do and the time I would ideally like to do it, and then a back up plan. The Oh Shit plan as it were. This plan gave me alternate times for working out in case my original plan didn’t work, as well as alternate workouts. 

In all fairness, this takes some thought and duh obviously planning on my part which is something I usually do over the weekend when I’m looking at my week ahead. It takes me being intentional and realistic to my time constraints as well as being methodical for what workouts go on which days (as well as back up workouts) so I can continue to see gains from working out.

For me, this works most of the time. I’m still learning the art of being flexible and patient but I feel better knowing that I now have something to fall back on just in case.

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The Gracie Thruster

This story isn’t as much about me as it is about my husband and my daughter. Those two are peas in a pod. People don’t believe but as much as my girl might look like me, she acts just like her Dada and she loves him fiercely. I love that. I love that she seeks him out, and that he’ll wrestle and tickle her. Just like her Dada, my child has ZERO fear and loves anything that causes her little heart to beat a little faster. So when there’s no roller coaster nearby, these two often make up their own death defying games.

It’s a completely normal thing in my house to hear Gracie squealing after being tossed in the air or while being chased during a game of tag. It’s also normal as a result, to hear the dogs barking after both of them, mostly because Daisy is constantly concerned about Grace’s safety (I think Daisy thinks she is Grace’s mommy).

Apparently one night, these two got the bright idea that they needed a new game to play. As I’m making dinner, I hear the happy squealing of my kiddo in the backyard and I didn’t even look up, because that’s so normal. I’m smiling, making dinner, happy that everyone is happy, and at some point I glance up to see Gracie flying in the air above my husband’s head. Like arms out, legs out, flying and thinking it was the best thing in the world.

Hence the Gracie Thruster. You know what a thruster is? It’s a functional movement back from my CrossFit days, where at its essence you’re moving a weight from the ground to above your head. Obviously this is typically done with a barbell or sometimes even free weights, but not with a child, much less my child.

But as I was watching my husband launch the kiddo into the air, it literally looked like she was the weighted aspect of the thruster. He was completing the squat through the shoulder press (with amazing form I might add) and adding in a toss at the top almost like a wall ball (another CrossFit movement where you toss a weighted ball to the same spot on a wall multiple times).

The whole time, all I could think was “well she’s not a small child so he’s working his booty off, but he said he didn’t get a workout in today, so this will totally count.” Sure enough, Gracie made him do this newly formed functional movement 100 times. I’m not kidding. Grace thought they discovered a new game, and my husband was absolutely worked from it.

Grace calls it the Hi-Ya, and every chance she gets, she asks for it, usually in increments of 10.  Now my husband uses it as a chance to get in a little extra workout, because why not multi-task if you have the chance?