My Top 5 Snack Recipes for the Mama on the Go

I feel like your morning is like mine. Granted thanks to my morning routine, I don’t feel like I’m being shot out of a canon SO much but it’s chaos. Making sure everyone is organized, dogs are fed, the kid brushes her teeth, picks out appropriate clothing and eats, making sure I eat (and get coffee because COME ON), and then herding us ALL out the door. I truly never knew I could do so much in an hour until I started contending with getting more than just myself out of the house in the morning. 

The one thing I always forget in the midst of this chaos is to prep snacks for myself. Sure I have snacks for the kid, but I’m not trying to drink my yogurt. I know that this bad habit always leads to me running into a store and grabbing some overpriced snack, that’s debatably good for me. Or I just don’t eat which isn’t helping my own health and fitness goals. Either way I’m not winning. 

I learned the hard way that I need to have snacks prepped in my fridge. I’m not kidding. Like in their individual ziplock baggies, individual Tupperware (for things like dips), prepped. That way when we’re running out the door and I’m making sure everyone looks semi-presentable, I can just grab something. 

Really it hasn’t added to my meal prep workload anymore. I mean it takes two minutes to take baby carrots and divide them into baggies. So I do it when I’m cooking something else and that something else is in the oven or simmering on the stove top. Because I know during that time I’ll have two minutes and I’m not adding onto my day. 

Grab these snack recipes. It’s worth it for those days when you know you need to prep some food but you’re exhausted and don’t want to put the effort into figuring out WHAT to prep.