Remember It's a Season

Parenting is NO joke. Even if you think you're ready for it, there's no way to truly prepare yourself for being a parent and really no way to accurately describe it to someone who isn't a parent. One thing can be said for sure though: the highs are high and the lows can be low and sometimes the highs and lows can occur in the same day (or maybe even the same hour).

Recently we've been having those tough days. Those days where you're checking the clock to see how much closer it is to bedtime because everyone, including me, needed sleep. Those are the days where I take more deep breaths and close my eyes, and pray for patience constantly. 

On this day nothing in particular went wrong, but my kiddo was just having a tough day so for her, nothing was going right. We had a tough day. This was one of those days where instead of working out during naptime, I chose to take a quiet moment to myself, read my devotional and meditate. It was exactly what I needed.

The afternoon was not any better, and that was no surprise so when bedtime finally came, I was SPENT. All I could do was hug my kiddo because that's what she needed and as I was hugging her, I began to ask her what made her so upset ALL DAY LONG. I know she's not old enough yet to really articulate those kinds of emotions, but I needed to say it for me.

So here I am telling my little girl that I wish she could tell me what was bothering her because I wanted to help her feel better since she was obviously upset and I said "Because Baby Girl you really pushed every single one of Mommy's buttons today".

I wasn't expecting a response. At all really, I was just expecting her to stay quiet but no, not my kiddo. She replied to me by saying "Yea I did Mama."

Just like that I remembered that life is not so serious and sometimes it's ok to have bad days and laugh about them when it's all over.